Best Philadelphia Wedding Venues Philly Skyline view Ritz Carlton
      Well, how do you choose just 12 best Philadelphia weddings venues in all of Philly? I have tons of experience shooting at all these venues over the past 15 years of being a Philadelphia wedding photographer. For each chosen venue, the couples have been ecstatic, and everything always ran smooth like butter.  

      That’s not to say there aren’t other all stunning places in the city for your wedding. In the hospitality industry, we are here to make you happy, and these locations will certainly bring a big old smile on your face when you look back at your photographs 🙂

      There are so many new fresh and unique venues in Philly, but these are all slam dunks as far as things running smoothly with experienced vendors that will take care of you! 

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      Knowlton Mansion | Bellevue Hotel | Crystal Tea Room | Ritz Carlton | The Curtis | Moulin | Front & Palmer | Please Touch Museum | Union League | Ballroom at the Ben | Horticulture CenterCescaphe Ballroom

      Knowlton Mansion – Conroy Catering

      The Knowlton Mansion is a hidden gem in Philly! Where else can you find a barn, horses, and have ample room for large bridal parties and old rustic charm inside? An added bonus, Conroy Catering, does an incredible job, and I do love the staff. I’ve known the bridal attendant there for years, and overall it’s just a pleasure to be there.

      best Philadelphia wedding venue Knowlton Mansion

      View a full Knowlton Mansion Wedding here

      Contact Knowlton Mansion for more info 215-722-8082 | www.conroycatering.com | 931 Rhawn St Philadelphia,PA


      • Rare rustic charm in the city 
      • Easy parking 
      • Amazing grounds
      • Great food 
      • The outdoor ceremony location is excellent
      • They have freaking horses! 
      • Bonfires at night!
      • Unique vintage feeling bridal suites


      • It can be loud during ceremonies if there is a police siren or firetruck fire engine, but that is not a common occurrence.

      Hyatt at the Bellevue Hotel

      The Bellevue Hotel has so much to offer! You can have rehearsal dinners at their incredible restaurant 19. The rooms are modern and comfortable. They can accommodate large weddings.

      bellevue wedding portrait at Restaurant 19

      View a full Bellevue Hotel wedding here

      Contact Bellevue for more info 215-982-4907 | Hyatt Bellevue Website200 South Broad Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States, 19102


      • Modern rooms 
      • Excellent service 
      • Great food
      • Options to host smaller weddings in the restaurant 19 or one of their other spaces besides the main ballroom area. 
      • Everything is there onsite for you to wake up, prep, have your ceremony and reception all in one location
      • The sunset photos at Restaurant 19 are otherworldly! 


      • You will need transportation to shoot if you want to go around Philly. However, the best spot is right out front to shoot your timeless City Hall Broadstreet photo.

      best philadephia wedding venue hyatt at the bellevue bellevue wedding ceremony Philadelphia Bellevue hotel view of city hallbellevue wedding bride on staircasebellevue wedding reception roombellevue wedding first dance couple

      Crystal Tea Room – Finley Catering

      One of the most classic spots in Philly, and everything is right there for you. Besides being one of the best Philadelphia wedding venues, it is also one of the biggest. They can easily work with the largest of guests lists. The bridal suite is surprisingly amazing and elegant. Finley Catering does a fantastic job hence why they have two venues on my list. Miguel, the main attendant, runs the place so smoothly no matter what situation. 

      crystal tea room wedding reception setup 

      View a full Crystal Tea Room Wedding here

      Contact Finley Catering for more info 215-627-5100 | Crystal Tea Room Website100 E Penn Square #9B, Philadelphia, PA 19107


      • Enormous space for large weddings well over 350 if needed 
      • Excellent food and service
      • Located right next to City Hall for photos
      • Large cocktail area 
      • Beautiful bridal suite
      • The staff is very experienced 
      • Natural light in the bridal suite is excellent for Katuba signings or portraits


      • Very hard to find. There are no signs for it on the street, so out-of-town guests will need specific directions.
      • The ballroom does not have natural light or windows except for the bridal suite.

      best philadelphia wedding venue crystal tea room crystal tea room wedding ceremony crystal tea room wedding ceremony setup crystal tea room wedding cocktail hour space crystal tea room wedding couple first dance

      Ritz Carlton Philadelphia

      One of the most stately hotels and venues in the city! Professional athletes, musicians, and celebrities are often caught in the elevator there. It is so close to city hall that it is hugging William Penn on the top of the most historic landmarks in Philly.  

      Ritz Carlton Philadelphia wedding hotel room views

      View a full Ritz Carlton Philadelphia Wedding here

      Contact Ritz Carlton for more info 215-523-8255 | Ritz Carlton Philadelphia Website | 10 Ave Of The Arts, Philadelphia, PA 19102


      • The white marble walkway down to the ballroom is absolutely stunning!
      • Service is top-notch as you would expect from a Ritz Carlton
      • Hotel rooms are incredible
      • Great location in the city
      • The hotel bar is next level!


      • There is no natural light in the venue as it is underneath the Ritz Carlton
      • Heavy traffic area

      Ritz Carlton Philadelphia wedding ceremony Ritz Carlton Philadelphia wedding ceremony Ritz Carlton Philadelphia wedding couple first dance Ritz Carlton Philadelphia wedding reception setup

      The Curtis Atrium By Constellation Catering

      The newly renovated Curtis is a stunner! I have worked here many times over the years, and I love this venue for so many reasons. It is in a perfect area for you for photos, right at the corner of Washington Square. You don’t have to travel anywhere for gorgeous Philly photos.  

      Curtis Center wedding reception space

      View a full Curtis Atrium Wedding here

      Contact The Curtis for more info 215-978-8103 | Curtis Atrium Philadelphia Website | 601 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19106


      • Ample grand space with tall ceilings 
      • Excellent caterer 
      • Located right next to Washington Square and many shooting areas within walking distance 
      • Amazing marble floors
      • Modern bridal suite


      • Bad acoustics as there is a large echo due to the high ceilings

      best Philadelphia wedding venue Curtis Center Curtis Center wedding first dance Curtis Center wedding reception photo

      Moulin Sherman Mills – Brulee Catering

      Moulin at Sherman Mills, I feel, is another hidden gem as one of the best Philadelphia wedding venues. It is an industrial chic space, and it was a 19th-century textile mill. You will love the natural light as its surrounded by windows. The cocktail space is also very modern and beautiful.  

      best Philadelphia wedding venue Moulin Sherman Mills

      View a full Moulin Sherman Mills Wedding here

      Contact Moulin for more info 215-923-6000 | Moulin Sherman Mills Philadelphia Website | 3502 Scotts Ln, Philadelphia, PA 19129


      • Ample space 
      • Industrial feel unlike most places in Philly
      • Amazing food
      • Staff is excellent
      • Seats 500 guests!


      • You have to dress up the space as its a warehouse. However, there is so much you can do; the sky’s the limit.
      • There are not many places to photograph on the grounds outside, but the natural light in the venue is perfect!

      Moulin Sherman Mills wedding sign Moulin Sherman Mills wedding ceremony Moulin Sherman Mills wedding chandeliers Moulin Sherman Mills wedding cocktail hour

      Front & Palmer – Feast Your Eyes Catering

      Front & Palmer, in the heart of Northern Liberties, is a gorgeous modern chic space with 35 foot ceilings. Named one of Brides.com named Front & Palmer one of America’s top 45 weddings venues! Feast Your Eyes catering rocks this place with incredible food and service. There are some amazing unique places for photos in Northern Liberties. 

      best Philadelphia wedding venue Front & Palmer

      Contact Front & Palmer for more info 215-634-3002 | Front & Palmer Wedding Website1750 N Front St, Philadelphia, PA 19122


      • Gorgeous, luxurious chic wooded space 
      • Incredible unique food options 
      • The staff are fantastic 


      • Parking can be tough 
      • Have to travel for outdoor photos

      Front & Palmer wedding foodFront & Palmer wedding foodbest Philadelphia wedding venue Front & Palmer

      Please Touch Museum – Memorial Hall – Brulee Catering

      Another gem located in Philadelphia. Who else has a freaking Merry Go Round in their venue? One other, often not mentioned fact, is that in the spring the space is wrapped with incredible blooming Cherry Blossom Trees.

      Please Touch Museum wedding cherry blossoms

      Contact The Please Touch Museum for more info 215-578-5180 | Please Touch Museum weddings Website | 4231 Avenue of the Republic, Philadelphia, PA 19131


      • Great food 
      • A vast amount of areas for photography on the grounds 
      • Unique places to photograph inside  
      • Stunning venue space out front
      • Easy parking for guests 
      • Excellent staff
      • seats up to 1000
      • 60 foot ceilings


      • Busy traveling there for Friday weddings through Fairmount Park

      Please Touch Museum wedding reception table Best Philadelphia wedding venue Please Touch Museum Brulee Catering Please Touch Museum wedding reception dessert

      The Union League of Philadelphia

      Probably one of the oldest and most historic venues in all of Philly is the Union League! They have been one of the best Philadelphia wedding venues probably for at least a 100 years.  It’s filled with robust wood richness, and the ballroom is a guest pleaser and quite large. It will undoubtedly give you all the old world rustic feels!

      Best Philadelphia Wedding Venue Union League

      View a full Union League Wedding here

      ContactThe Union League  for more info 215-562-6500 | Union League of Philadelphia Website | 140 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19102


      • Staff is incredible 
      • A great place in the city to photograph on Broadstreet 
      • Beautiful staircase outside for photos
      • The bridal suite is quite large 
      • The ballroom is enormous 
      • You will love the chandeliers 


      • Located in a busy area in the city especially around rush hour

      Best Philadelphia Wedding Venue Union League Union League Wedding Union League Wedding first dance

      The Ballroom at the Ben – Finley Catering

      Well, if it is good enough for Bradley Cooper to dance in during the Movie Silver Linings Playbook, then it’s good enough for you 😉 It features turn-of-the-century elegance! I have worked here more times than anywhere over the past 15 years. Events always run smoothly with Ott, the venue manager at the helm. Finley Catering always does an amazing job at all of their venues. 

      best Philadelphia wedding venue ballroom at the ben

      View a Ballroom at the Ben wedding here

      Contact Finley Catering for more info 215-627-5100 | Finley Catering Ballroom at the Ben Wedding Website834 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107


      • Parking is easy 
      • Food is always great 
      • Stunning newly renovated ballroom 
      • Two full-sized bars for your guests! 
      • Great outdoor balcony to shoot at night
      • Top-notch staff


      • You have to travel for portraits, but they have great areas to shoot at night there

      Ballroom at the Ben wedding balcony portrait Ballroom at the Ben wedding ceremony Ballroom at the Ben wedding first dance Ballroom at the Ben wedding reception

      Horticulture Center  – Fairmount Park – Constellation Culinary

      How about having your wedding in the middle of a gorgeous giant nature park in Philadelphia?  Well The Fairmount Park Horticulture is that special place! It is a modern exhibition hall and Greenhouse for weddings and other invents.  Even after a snowstorm in February there were so many unique spaces for their photographs!

      Best Philadelphia wedding venue horticulture center

      View a Fairmount Park Horticulture Center Wedding

      Contact the Fairmount Park Horticulture Center for more info 267-886-1472 | Horticulture Center Website | 100 N Horticultural Dr, Philadelphia, PA 19131


      • Incredible grounds and unique indoor spaces for photographs 
      • Open greenhouse to photograph at or warm up on cold winter days
      • Great staff 
      • Indoor ceremony area is great no matter what the weather
      • One of the best caterers for food in the city! 
      • There are additional amazing places in Fairmount Park to shoot


      • busy travel area in Philadelphia, especially for Friday weddings

      Fairmount Park Horticulture Center wedding bridal party Fairmount Park Horticulture Center wedding ceremony detail Fairmount Park Horticulture Center wedding ceremony vows Fairmount Park Horticulture Center wedding reception room setup

      Cescaphe Ballroom

      The classic staple of Cescaphe Event Group! The ballroom used to be an old vintage movie theatre.  I have been there so many times and always have a great experience working there. The staff is pleasant and accommodating to the guests. The cocktail hour is out of control with the abundance of food. Also, the outdoor area for cocktail hour is the best and having the fresh grilled shrimp and chicken are top-notch.  

      Cescaphe Ballroom Wedding reception room

      View a full Cescaphe Ballroom Wedding here

      Contact Cescaphe for more info 215-238-5750 | Cescaphe Ballroom Website | 923 N 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19123


      • Cocktail hour has an enormous amount of food for your guests! 
      • Great staff 
      • The beautiful bridal suite that overlooks the ballroom
      • The bar in the room is incredible 
      • There are cool places to shoot within a two-block radius of the venue


      • A busy area in Northern Liberties when driving in during rush hour, but the valet is excellent here; therefore, parking is easy.

      Best Philadelphia wedding venue Cescaphe Ballroom Cescaphe Ballroom Wedding couple at bar Cescaphe Ballroom Wedding reception entrance Cescaphe Ballroom Wedding reception tables

      These are the best Philadelphia Wedding Venues and I am working on my NJ List to post soon