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“Did we just become best friends? … Yep!!”

While I love meeting people and helping them to feel at ease, I occasionally struggle with writing about myself! A little something about me: I love getting to know fun, authentic people and making them smile and laugh. The world is always better with a bit of laughter! I spent a few years getting a piece of paper with a Fine Arts degree from Rutgers University. I’ve been using my camera passionately to make a living professionally for the past 13 years.  I have created a great team to support me in making sure to exceed your expectations.

Useless Information About Me
Tea Problem

Mint, chamomile, and green tea are my vices. Probably throw down 4-5 a day! If I could hook up an IV to my arm with green tea, I would!


Always wanted to be a DJ growing up. I've dreamed of owning turntables. prob part of me I like to make people happy and feel good part of my personality.


Love books and have a library of over 500 books. I have 498 of them on my to-read list.

BBQ Sauce

I have a BBQ sauce problem. Love it! Stubbs original is the best. The slogan on the BBQ is "My life is in these bottles. "

Green Smoothies

Addicted also to green smoothies been making my own for over six years. Message me, and I’ll give you tips on the best ingredients and blenders, etc.


I'm a sucker for nostalgia - retro gaming, retro movies, vintage photos, old school hip hop, anything that takes you back to a place that brought you happiness.


Basketball-obsessed! Give me the rock coach! Been in love with basketball since I first picked up a ball when I was ten years old.

Ruff Ruff

Dog's are my passion as you can often see in my work. Yellow Labrador Retrievers especially puppies just destroy me! I follow many yellow labs accounts on Instagram!

World Traveler

Love meeting new people and experiencing different cultures around New Jersey. But I do prefer the Caribbean and west coast areas.

The Ocean

The ocean & beach are like my second home. I swim like a fish (actually like Nemo missing a fin) and surf like I need to practice way more…

First Car

My first car was a white Ford Mustang convertible. It had a leaky top and fake plastic chrome hubcaps. I have not had chrome rims on a car since... although I’m not ruling it out.


Movie Buff! I’ve seen most and have many favorites directors: Wes Anderson, Paul Thomas Anderson, Nolan, Tarantino, David Fincher and of course pretty much every comedy movie ever. I don’t do horror flicks!


Love boating and grew up around boats and owned a wakeboarding boat for about eight years along with a jet ski and got my captains license.

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