Holiday shopping for us guys is hard!  We are stubborn , we don’t like to receive things, and we don’t usually give hints for what we like. These are 5 things that I personally own that have been a game changer in my life and your partner will freak out with any of these. Click on the links to purchase now before the holidays start next week!

      1. Kiehl’s Facial Wash
        • It took me over 30 years to figure out that regular soap is nothing like using a facial wash. Your skin feels refreshed, and your face will be gently exfoliated vs. dried out and sore from a bar of soap. This is the first step to getting the best out of the face you signed up to look at for the rest of your life 😉

      2. Custom Chess Set
        • Not all of your men have a strong desire to accessorize your living spaces to make them really stand out.  
        • Does he know how to play chess? It doesn’t matter. He’ll seem smarter just owning a chessboard.
        • A great activity that doesn’t involve a phone, computer, or tv.
      3. Sony Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones
        • Great for long trips, very techie, keeps him happy when you want to talk loud as possible on the phone, and he wants to watch something or chill out and listen to some tunes.
        • I personally own these and they are amazing if your partner travels often.
        • They have Google Voice built in if you’re a bit more of a tech person.
        • The coolest feature is that he can just put his hand over his one ear and instantly turns off noise cancelling and the microphone picks up outside sounds.
      4. iPad Pro with Apple pen and Keyboard case
        • I’ve had iPads since day one that they were announced. I absolutely love them for eating up internet content on YouTube as well as reading news and sports. This combined with the pen and an optional keyboard case, and you have a full-on content creation machine. This will keep him busy and out of your hair. Also, this will completely replace writing handwritten notes or journals, saving space for your stuff in your home.
      5. Philips Norelco shaver with vacuum
        • We are hairy animals that shed small hairs and have to shave to not look entirely like a neanderthal. How much do you hate when your man manscapes, shaves his face, head, etc. and little tiny hairs spill all over the bathroom floor and sink? Well, buy him this shaver that has a built-in vacuum sucking all the excess mess away. It will save you sanity and many fights. Also, less cleaning is always good for everyone!