Why cinema?

From sipping mimosas with your friends in the morning to watching the tears run down your partner’s cheek when they see you for the first time, your wedding day is full of unforgettable moments. Even though you’ve been waiting so long for this day, it can fly by in what feels like minutes. Your wedding video will allow you to not just remember but to relive these moments for years to come.

Your day will be captured as a personal cinematic event while my team and I remain a fly on the wall. There won’t be any big cameras in your face, only smiles and good vibes keeping you relaxed and happy. The experience of your wedding is a journey; it’s not only the ceremony but the engagement, rehearsal dinner, and brunch the next day. Capturing all the magic through video allows you to revisit every part of your wedding.

I’ve been working in visual arts for almost twenty years. Using creative cinematography, I’ll tell your story on film so that you can see, hear, and experience your wedding day, rehearsal dinner, and GTKY session  over and over again.