Capturing all the little moments of your day...

      with creative unobtrusive videography that is natural & timeless

      Welcome to Jordan Brian Studios, where we believe that the most beautiful and authentic way to tell your story is through the art of film. We capture the unique essence of your wedding day, creating a stunning visual memory that you will cherish for a lifetime.

      "I wish we had a video of our wedding day."

      - everyone who didn't get a video of their wedding day

      Our team of talented Philadelphia wedding videographers combines expertise in storytelling with cinematic techniques to produce a captivating film that captures the true spirit of your love. With a passion for weaving together the details of your special day, we strive to create a cinematic experience that lets you hear the laughter, see the tears, and feel the emotions of your loved ones.

      We're dedicated to providing you with a beautifully crafted film that will make your wedding day unforgettable. Trust Jordan Brian Cinematography to be your premier Philadelphia wedding videographer.

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