Over the weekend I was sitting in a dealership sales cubicle trying to trade in my car.  The aggressive car salesman was trying to haggle with me for $53.00 when I got a text that just stung me to the core.   Mike Murphy, my friend Erika’s husband, was killed in a helicopter crash. She is pregnant with their second son and due in a matter of weeks.  To top it off her beautiful dog, Harley just passed from cancer about a month ago.

      I went to Shawnee High School with Erika and her twin brother Luke. We used to even sit at lunch together. I had not seen Erika for quite a number of years after graduating Shawnee High School. This past fall I had posted a special limited family portraiture session special.   She contacted me about it and we connected like friends, almost as if time had not gone by.  She is a light hearted, fun person with an incredible sense of humor.  We had gone back and forth with the timing of her session because of her dog’s special cancer treatment that University of Pennsylvania. I had one of the best family sessions with them in all of 2016 and we already talked about setting up another session when her next baby arrives.

      I only knew Mike Murphy briefly, but he was a genuinely great guy.  He was kind, down to earth, fun and damn he had a strong head of hair and good beard.  (things I am unable to grow!) He was a pilot, a father, and as I can tell liked by everyone.

      My heart goes out to Erika and their families.  I feel devastated for her loss of her loving husband and beautiful dog. Her second child along with their first born will live out Mike Murphy’s good heart and soul.

      To help them in this tough time please go support them on their gofundme page.


      When: Saturday June 17th, 11am-3pm

      Where: Jordan Brian Photography Studio in Mount Laurel, NJ

      Details: Sessions will be 10-15 minutes

      Donation: $50

      Info: Maximum of 4 family members during each session

      Extras: You will receive a one of a kind black and white fine art photograph printed on our limited velvet fine art paper. We will also be putting up a gallery online from your session and any additional purchases will also be donated to Erika and her family.