I do not know where to begin writing about this fantastic couple. Their RiverCrest Golf Club Wedding was one of the longest days we’ve had, but it felt like it lasted an hour. Every person involved was just amazing; the family was so sweet, the bridal party was a blast to be around, and Lyndsey and Keith, what a beautiful couple both inside and out. They had a great attitude the entire day and the perfect weather to match, not a cloud in the sky and just the right temperature. They had their ceremony at Sacred Heart Church in Phoenixville, PA, and their reception was at the nearby RiverCrest Golf Club. The Uptown Band rocked the evening and had the dance floor crowded the entire time. I wish them many happy years together (and Keith, I hope you watch Step Brothers over and over! ;)).

Lyndsey snagged her veil on the microphone booth while she was walking to give flowers during Ave Maria. Her sister, the Maid of Honor, quickly snatched it up and reattached it before the ceremony was over.
I love golf carts!