But first, let’s reminisce back to ‘08 ;) 

2008 was an amazing year!  I cannot tell you how lucky I was to meet with so many cool couples. I got to train with some of the finest photographers in the world, including Hanson Fong, Joe Buissink, Catherine Hall, Bob Davis, and Michele Celentano. An incredible new designer started working for us just before the holidays.  I captured and shared so many memories. And just like my clients, I also got married! It was a busy, exciting, and FUN year.


The Future————2009!

We’ve got another big year coming up! We’re using incredible new equipment that will help attain levels of artistic expression that were not possible before, including a high-def, 6-color printing for all custom-designed cards. There are new options for albums, holiday cards, announcements, fine art materials, and an all-new way to view your album proofs. Brianna, my amazing new in-house designer, will push the envelope when it comes to beautiful designs for everything! There is no such thing as a template here—every project is handmade and one-of-a-kind. There’s an even higher level of pampering for all brides, grooms, and guests who come to the studio for a meeting. (You will have to visit us to understand what I mean!) Overall, I want the experience to be even better this year. We want those smiles to be even wider than the ones in 2008. 😉