Hair and Makeup Timing on your wedding day.

Being on time in the morning is extremely important, as it sets the precedence for the rest of your day.

The first part of your wedding day is hair and makeup. Over the years, there have been several occasions in which the bride and bridesmaids have not been finished on time; in some instances, an irreplaceable hour or more are lost. Time is precious, especially on your wedding day. I also don’t know of many brides who want to be photographed for an hour without her hair and makeup being done. The whole point of hiring a makeup artist and hair stylist is to accentuate the bride’s beauty without adding stress.

Having a solid timeline relaxes the bride and allows her to enjoy her day more. Some brides actually get anxiety if their photographer and videographers show up and she is not ready yet. I want everyone to have an amazing, stress-free day, so we plan accordingly.

When you make your appointment to get your hair and makeup done, it is important to let them know your schedule namely, when you and all of the members of your wedding need to be finished by. One of our past bride’s hair and makeup girls came an hour late; not only were they stressed all day, but they were so pressed for time that they missed cocktail hour and a few minutes of their reception. I make sure that I plan each timeline with the bride so that they don’t miss a second of cocktail hour, so this sucked!

I have found that the bride and mother of the bride get their hair done last quite often. They are the most important women on the wedding day, therefore they should be first! The maid or matron of honor should be third; this way, the bride can start getting dressed even if the rest of the bridal party is not finished. Having a smooth start in the morning is key to making the rest of your day easy sailing.