5 Tips For Choosing Your Perfect Venue

  1. Food is very important. Look into various different caterers. If you prefer buffet style, make sure that your location offers that as an option.
  2. Is it possible that they may book multiple weddings in one day at the same location, just in different rooms? This is YOUR special day. If something like that is going to bother you, you should look for a venue that will be focused solely on you.
  3. Consider the location where your ceremony is going to be held, as well as where your family and friends are coming from. Take travel time into consideration! If the venue is too far from your ceremony location, it could add on up to thousands of dollars in travel for transportation for the bridal party, and extra time for photographers. What bride wants to sit in a limo, in their dress for an hour?
  4. Look for multiple recommendations from trusted friends or family. However, take reviews in online forums with a grain of salt, sometimes you shouldn’t value the opinion of people you don’t know.
  5. Go with your gut! You know in your heart when you’re at the venue that is perfect for you. Interacting with the sales manager and maitre d’ should feel organic and natural.