5 Reasons to NOT have a receiving line

I often get asked about receiving lines.

  1. Most often they are pointless, especially if you allot enough time to be at your entire cocktail hour (which my brides never miss!) .
  2. No guest will be disappointed that they can’t say congrats to you while in a horde of people trying to exit your ceremony location. You will be with them for 5 hours at your reception.
  3. It takes away from time that could be spent creating bridal party/family portraits.
  4. Time may be limited between the next booked ceremony at the church/venue.
  5. It tends to be uncomfortable to give a big ol’ hug to what’s-his-name, the friend-of-a-friend of the family, who you met once when you were still in diapers (hopefully this wasn’t just a few years ago).

One special case: If you are a teacher, having your students come to the ceremony only. I would politely ask them to stick around for a few minutes post-ceremony, after the guests exit. This will allow you time to greet and thank them without making them spend 20+ minutes in a long line.