It is my goal to ensure that every single one of my brides has an amazing day. You should never feel rushed or pressured. There should be no excuse for you to miss your entire cocktail hour because you are creating photographs.

There are two situations in which you should have a ‘first meet’, where we will photograph you with your significant other prior to the ceremony. The first, if your ceremony and reception are being held at the same location. The second, if you have insufficient time between the end of a church ceremony and start of your reception.

  1. History of arranged marriages*
  2. More time to be creative with the photographs
  3. Never have to rush your family
  4. You should be able to enjoy the cocktail hour that you paid for
  5. Low-stress day with a more relaxed timeline

*The tradition was born in the days of arranged marriages.  The bride and groom’s first meeting was actually AT the ceremony and the first time they lay their eyes on each other was when the bride walked down the aisle.  The two were kept from seeing each other before the ceremony to keep the groom from running away if he did not like the way his soon to be bride looked.