I love Photo Bombs! Whenever I have a session with a couple, family or individual. I always try to find some people in the area to join in for a few random photographs. Things always get crazy and it makes for so many fun stories.

I asked the couple and the guy holding the random baby to all look at each other. This was their reaction to my request.
This is about as Jersey shore as it gets!
More Boston fun. I love the little mack daddy trying to put his arm around the girl. All their parents were behind me cheering him. on..
At Boston working the MIT campus. The guy on the right was windsurfing and just finished.
We met a couple that had setup a maternity yoga group that they were on their way to.
These three brothers were carrying oars about to go into their boat when Patrick and Lisa stopped them for a few photographs…
At the La Salle track with some sporty individuals.