Best of GTKY 2013!

2013 was insane! We photographed quite a few Getting to Know You Sessions and I wanted to share some of my favorite frames from the year.

Ally & Jeff were photographed in Dallas, Texas and a parade of cowboys on their horses just happened to be there at the same time!
This lady’s walking stick is amazing!           
One of my favorite and goofiest photographs of the year. We lifted this old wooden boat that had rusted nails and screws over Rory’s head so he can pose in it. The wooden boat was inside of a house that burnt down and the captains hat just happened to be in the trunk of my car.
Had an amazing time with Katie & Jon up at the Boston inner harbor for this shoot…
Loved having MIT in the background…
I don’t often have a chance, but I love using my Holga film camera with black and white film.
This was photographed Stacey & Joe on a drag racing track!